Oct 13, 2008

eightdesigns at bijou bazaar, how was it?

It's awesome! eventhough this is our first time try out at bazaar, everything went well :)
having Aida there is really helpful. lucky me. thanks my dear sis!
we managed to sell a lot. alhamdulillah

here are some pics:

with shaza and shima. shima is trying out one of our dress

filling up our guestbook

some new dresses which I do not have the opportunity to upload here.
most of them already sold out

with Rosie from Thailand ;)


  1. hye~! it's me syima~ =D. can grab some of the photoes?? ^^

  2. wah cik sue.....saya iedah
    beznya boutiqe awk ni
    FULAMMMAK...masib baik sy jumpa awk...

    bangga la dgn awak ni jd usahawan online...gud luck dear..memang saya bminat nak ambik sehelai setiap jenis....fuyooooo

    normally ke sarawak berapa pos..

  3. kak sue..ley tau x katne butik kak sue eh??bazar mane ek??minat sgt ngn dsign kak sue

  4. butik kak sue kat bandar baru bangi. kat atas sekali ade link peta. bijou bazar ni tahun lepas la dik. kak sue tak join dah bazarx2 skrg :)

  5. mmg giler la tgk baju2 kat cni..