Jul 23, 2008

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Jul 18, 2008


Why must you buy from eightdesigns?

1. eightdesigns offers you the lowest price ever compared to market price. don't believe us?
go survey the market and find out for yourself ;)

2. eightdesigns gladly offers you a 15 days money back guarantee. shop with confidence because you can return the purchase if it does not fit you

3. because sue, the founder of eightdesigns is a very kind hearted and honest person (masuk bakul angkat sendiri) . she will never cheat you. honestly.

4. prompt delivery! we deliver everyday except on saturdays and sundays. the item will be delivered on the next day upon receiving customers payment

5. eightdesigns measure each and every item. we dont really trust the S,M, L, XL size labeled for measurement. we are very helpful in delivering the details for you to shop confidently and at ease ;)

Hear what our customers have to say about eightdesigns:

Nur Izdihar (diHa) from UiTM Shah Alam is wearing Flowery Bead day Dress 002 pink.

Diha says,"slm kak sue! masih boleh send yg testimoni kt kak sue ke?? baru2 nih pakai diha pakai baju from eightdesign.. ramai puji baju tu.tgk la kt blog diha" - copied from shoutbox eightdesigns

You can view her blog at http://khayalanituindah.blogspot.com/2008/11/and-that-was-end-of-eveything.html

Norhafizah from Ampang is wearing Circle Shift Dress 006 purple

This is her comment copied from email sent to eightdesigns:

"salam sue....

sorry cause bagi pic lambat.lately bz ckit...kualiti picture tu maybe xbrp ok sgt..tp itu yg dpt sy bagi..This is my comment....saya ni tak reti sgt nk karang2 ayat...tapi jujur itu yg saya rasa bila sy beli di eight design...

My comment :

Hi semue...ni merupakan kali pertama saya membeli dari eightdesign.For the first time saya amat berpuas hati dgn dress yg saya beli di eightdesign.Rekaannya sgt menarik dan materialnya sgt bagus dan selesa utk di pakai. For muslim dan yg bertudung anda juga boleh mencuba di eightdesign kerana semua rekaan di eightdesign sgt2 sesuai utk muslim especially yg bertudung.Dari segi harga...bagi saya harga yg ditawarkan di eisghtdesign sgt berpatutan dan yg paling penting ialah kualiti.Saya amat berpuas hati dgn kualiti di eightdesign...so kenalah dgn harganya. So, bagi anda yg masih mencari2 fesyen2 terkini for muslim...cubalah di eightdesign dan anda pasti tak kan kecewa.Tapi yg penting membeli melalui online anda akn jimat masa,tenaga dan wang betul kan!"

Fiza is an eightdesigns repeating customer

Fiza is wearing Curvy Shift Dress 052 Blue-green

Fiza is wearing Salwa 087 black

This is what she said (copied from an email sent to eightdesigns) :

This is my 3rd time shopping at eightdesigns....designs at eightdesigns mmg cantik2 dan fiza sgt2 puas hati klu tak tak kan dh 3kali beli hehehe..anyway thanks to Sue this clothes mmg cantik next time I beli lagi kay....:)