Jun 27, 2009

eightDesigns in Dara.com magazine July 09 issue

Salam and good day sis!
still remember my previous post about being spotted by Dara.com magazine? You can read every news about eightDesigns here. Actually there are some other photos which i do not include here. You can find them in their individual posts.

here are some photos scanned from Dara.com magazine July issues. Unfortunately, all items in these 4 photos are sold out. We still dont know whether there's gonna be any restock of these items.

Dara.com July 2009 issue

Model is wearing our maxi | model is wearing our Norita 151 polkadot cardi

Model is wearing our Izzah farhana boyfriend shirt 423 blue-green | model is wearing Afiqa Multaza 313 red


  1. shirt 423 blue-green ..ni kemeja ke..nk order cane?ada dlm stock lg x

  2. hi sis,
    kemeja 423 blue green ni dah hbs sis..
    thx dear :)

  3. alahai..sedihnya..td stock br ke..heppy nye dpt jumpe web ni..baju2 nya chantek2 trendy unik la

  4. thanks dear,
    unfortunately..baju tu dah takde stock baru kot :(
    sis try tgk yg len k ;)
    thanks dear...

  5. Jaket yang harga rm59.90 di atas ada stock lg tak?