Aug 12, 2009

Catch eightDesigns at YEC booth, UTP Convocation :)

Salam and good day darlings!

catch eightDesigns at YEC booth, Universiti Teknologi Petronas (UTP) for 3 days this coming weekend. YEC will be selling some of eightDesigns collection there. Here's the opportunity for you to touch and feel the clothes and more importantly you could save on postage charges!

Meet us at :

Venue: UTP Convo Fair, Tronoh, Perak

Booth: Youth Entreprenuership Club (YEC) ; booth number 66

14 August (friday) 8pm to 11pm
15 and 16 August (saturday and sunday) 10am to 12midnight


  1. aaaaa, i can't wait for it


    bawak baju lawa2 ye!

    ~eightdesigns customer from utp~

  2. to all:
    hehe terima kasih semua. mestila eightdesigns bawak baju lawax2, khas utk adikx2 UTPians :).

    to sailormira:
    sorry dik, monobo shoes tak bawak. bawak baju sahaja :(