Nov 18, 2009


Salam semua,

First of all,
eightDesigns nak mengucapkan terima kasih tak terhingga kepada semua yang hadir ke casting ahad lepas. 27 orang yang hadir, walaupun dengan only 1 week notice. Ramai lagi yang nak datang tapi tak berkesempatan due to other commitments, dsb.

Kudos kepada photographer & make-up artist, Hafiz & Dila for a job well-done. It was great working with you guys. The event was a smooth sail.

To those yang still interested to become our models, tapi tak berkesempatan hadir ke casting, boleh emailkan your photos to Gambar studio, berposing & berpakaian muslim chic fashion. 1x full body shot, 1x half body shot & 1x head shot. Actually for this project kami dah pilih the models, but we will keep your photos in our database for future projects. If we are interested, we will give you a call for a casting session :).

We have uploaded photos from the casting at our facebook fanpage


Sue & the eightDesigns team