Aug 13, 2009

Tanya pendapat

salam sis,
sue nak tanya, ada ke yg nak beli baju renang muslimah dan kasut2 crocs? kalau ada yg berminat, maybe eightDesigns bole pertimbangkan utk jual pattern yg korang nak. bagitau la yg macam mana korang minat. amacam? kalau ada yg nak, inform la ye. bole email ke

thx dear :)

Aug 12, 2009

Catch eightDesigns at YEC booth, UTP Convocation :)

Salam and good day darlings!

catch eightDesigns at YEC booth, Universiti Teknologi Petronas (UTP) for 3 days this coming weekend. YEC will be selling some of eightDesigns collection there. Here's the opportunity for you to touch and feel the clothes and more importantly you could save on postage charges!

Meet us at :

Venue: UTP Convo Fair, Tronoh, Perak

Booth: Youth Entreprenuership Club (YEC) ; booth number 66

14 August (friday) 8pm to 11pm
15 and 16 August (saturday and sunday) 10am to 12midnight

Aug 11, 2009

Testimonial from Helinda Samsudin

Helinda is wearing our Daila's Work Wear code 816 orange

Here's what she has to say about her purchases (copied from her email to me):

salam sue...

saja nak menyelit tunjuk baju baru... hehehe
pasni rasanya kena amik saiz M, saiz S tang bahu terkecik dah sket...

just a short notes utk customer eightdesign, kalo bole sue attachkan sekali:
termasuk baju dlm pic ni, dah tak terkira rasanya berapa helai saya beli dr butik ni... paling banyak inner turtle neck tu. :D
then ada la 4-5 helai lg yg lain2... mmg best, good quality, good service... keep up d great work sue. Insyaallah, saya akan terus meng'order' lg, kalo ada yg berkenan dihati... hehehe....

all d best... cheers

Aug 3, 2009

An apology from eightDesigns.

Dear loyal customers.
First of all, we would like to thank all of you for your continuous support. Without you, eightDesigns would not be as it is today. It has been more than one year since we've been on the net (from 21st July 2008). And ever since the recent opening of our offline boutique, business has been booming.

However, it seems that our "sudden" success has taken a toll against the business. 3 pairs of hands working daily from 10am till 9pm (and sometimes untill midnight) is still not enough to handle the current workload. Thus we apologize if we are not able to promptly update the availability of our items on this blog. We know what a major bummer it is when you have carefully selected the items of your choosing, only to find out they're not in stock! We also apologize for any mishaps that has happen during the handling of your order and your delivery.

Though more than 90% of you have voted for us to stick to a blog, rather than an e-commerce website the current workload just doesn't allow it. Thus we have opted to combine BOTH!! We will still retain our blog for item availability, but for ordering we will be using a proper "ordering system" in place of the current "order form".

In the midst of us upgrading our system, we will try our best (starting today) to promptly update the availability of our items and to provide a better service to YOU, our customers. However, we may not be able to respond to your orders as promptly as before . Thus we strongly urge you to drop by our offline boutique as we have tons and tons of items which have not been uploaded yet ;). (Teaser: we even have some new bags and new designs for our
monobo footwear!!)

Thanks again darlings :)


Sue and the eightDesigns team.