Aug 16, 2011

El-Zahraa Neck Inner Cover

"Inner Neck Plain are back for grabs. For this update, there are lots of new colors for you to choose.Neck Inner Plain used high quality cotton plain that you can’t find anywhere in Malaysia. The materials for this cotton plain are not the same materials sell by those fabric seller in Malaysia. The materials that we used are specially brought from oversea by us (all of our fabric are imported by us) and has a high quality in terms of material texture, material properties, & material finishing. As usual, the design are exclusively designed and tailored by El Zahraa (all of our product are design and tailored by us). This neck inner design is very simple. Wear it as it is or wear it with any shawl or hijabs. It’s simple, yet fashionable. Your must feel the different. As what we always said, we are SIMPLY DIFFERENT.". - El-Zahraa

Size S : ukuran bawah dagu ke dada 11 inci.
Material: 100% Viscose Cotton
Description : material mmg sgt soft dan selesa. 

Price: RM25
Next working day delivery guaranteed with eightDesigns fast and efficient service.

Delivery (please read carefully):
buy El-Zahraa product only = RM7 flat rate poslaju charges for Peninsular Malaysia / RM9 for Sabah Sarawak.
buy El-Zahraa together with any eightDesigns product = FREE DELIVERY

El-Zahraa is a partner at eightDesigns. Please read about eightDesigns partnership program.

*klik gambar untuk view lebih besar.


Code: IE14 (Brown) OUT OF STOCK

Code: IE17 (Black) OUT OF STOCK

Code: IE18 (Red) OUT OF STOCK


Code:IE19 (Yellow Mustard) OUT OF STOCK

Code: IE22 (Soft Pink) OUT OF STOCK

Code: IE23 (Cream) *color asal agak pekat* OUT OF STOCK

Code: IE24 (Lavender) OUT OF STOCK

Code: IE25 (Purple) OUT OF STOCK

Code: IE26 (Maroon) OUT OF STOCK

Code: IE27 (Light Brown) OUT OF STOCK

Code: IE28 (Pink) OUT OF STOCK

Code:IE29 (Lime Green) OUT OF STOCK

Code:IE30 (Baby Blue)OUT OF STOCK

Code:IE31 (Steel Blue) OUT OF STOCK


Code:IE32 (Beige) OUT OF STOCK


Code:IE34 (Pink) OUT OF STOCK

Code: IE36 (Dark Choc) OUT OF STOCK


Code: IE37 (Green Army) OUT OF STOCK


Code: IE38 (Peach) OUT OF STOCK


Code: IE40 (Muave Blue) OUT OF STOCK

**Note: Colours shown may vary depending on your screen settings and resolution.** 

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  1. salam, nk tnyer y tutup paras dada ada x?

  2. Sume kat atas memang xleh request lg ke

  3. yg tulis available sahaja yg ada sis :)

  4. yg hitam dah x boleh restock ke?

  5. setakat ni belum lagi dpt direstock :)

  6. restock la black & yellow mustard tu

  7. grey ada stok lg x??

  8. Ada tak inner neck cover yg ber-awning?

  9. izit still available for black one? :)

  10. yg awning tak ada, black dah fully booked :)

    1. salam sis,,nk tnya..inner neck jual x kt EDZ new boutique kb???lau da cam pic d ats nk g beli..hehhe

  11. salam..kak inner neck yang hitam leh tak nak order lagi :) tq

  12. salam..kak inner neck yang hitam memang tak boleh order lagi dah ke? tq

  13. still available x black colour? nk order

  14. salam tak der restock lg ker smpai skrg???erm kat area kl tak nk buka cwngan ker???huhuhuh...

  15. sis still tak der restock ker inner neck nie?

  16. sis...nnti kalu ader inner yg black pnyer...nnti roger2 ye...mmg nk sgt beli...