Feb 23, 2012

Box Pleat Skirt - Rosma

Measurement(inches') :  
S : Waist 28 | hip 40 | length 40.5
M : Waist 30 | hip 40 | length 40.5
L : Waist 33 | hip 44 | length 42
XL : Waist 34 | hip 47 | length 43

Material: Thick cotton. Comfortable and non see through.

Label: EDZ

Price: RM70
Free Delivery via Poslaju

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2803 khakis
Sold out

Among many ways of making you look taller is by wearing a box pleat design skirt with cropped cardigan/jacket. The style emphasizes on the leg area makes you look taller! :)

2804 dark grey
Sold Out

model wearing box pleat skirt with polkadot crop cardigan Wany, sleeveless chiffon shirt Nila II and shawl

Box pleat design at front and back. Hidden zip on the right side. Thick cotton material ensures non see through wears. Suitable for office wear or even casual.


  1. minat design ni tapi nak black color

  2. buat masa ini only available dlm 2 colors itu sahaja dear :)

  3. nak order la blh ker? ade stok lagi x?

  4. Salam, sy nk tny, kalau dah beli then bila pakai tak muat atau size lbh besar , blh tukar tak?

  5. salam..sis yg dark grey tu ade lg???

  6. As salam..Sis, price untuk cardigan tu rm70 ke?

  7. yg RM70 tu utk skirt dear. cardigan tu dah sold out dah.

  8. yg skirt ni dedua warna ada lagi. tapi certain sizes dah habis juga. kalau sis nak beli terus order ok. tq sis :)

  9. salam... yg colour grey tu saiz XL still available lg x?

  10. assalam sis..for khakis color xbuat restock ke?interested to buy for M size

  11. Salam. I wanna buy khakis size S/M. Bila nak restock?

  12. khakis size XL sahaja yg available. yg lain dah sold out sis. buat masa ni no restock :)

  13. sedey...kenapa cepat sold out...akan restock size S dark grey x?