Apr 24, 2012

Beads Shawl - Arini

A very elegant beads shawl. Comes in 3 colours to choose from. Suitable for special occasions.

Measurement: length 58.5 inches | width 19.7 inches

Normal Price: RM 59
Raya Sale 15% discount
Price after discount: RM50
Free delivery via Poslaju.

2847 grey SOLD OUT

You can try many ways of wearing this gorgeous beads shawl by covering your chest. 

We use special material which can easily be shaped thus making it beautifully placed on the forehead and makes your face shape looks stunning! :)

2848 electric blue AVAILABLE

You can wear the shawl by putting the floral beads design on top your head. We also add beads line along the hem to make the shawl more exclusive. Suitable for special occasions.

2849 soft pink AVAILABLE

close up on grey

close up on electric blue

close up on shocking pink

This is the last beads shawl design we have in stock for this season. So grab yours now :)


  1. ada lagi tak stock yang warna kelabu tuuu?

  2. salam..mcm mana nk order yg grey ngn blue tu...please bg details..thanks

  3. boleh isi order form di bahagian bawah :)

  4. xde kaler lain eh??

  5. Grey mmg da sold out ke sis?