Apr 2, 2012

Cotton Denim Shirt - Yana

Measurement (inches"):
Comes in one size only : shoulder 15" | bust 37" | waist 35" | hip 36" | length 25" | sleeve length 22.5" 

Material: blue cotton with denim style.

Normal Price: RM 55
Raya Sale 20% discount
Price after discount: RM44
Free delivery via Poslaju.

2825 cotton denim 
Sold Out
Cotton denim shirt suitable for everyday wear, a perfect matched for jeans and flats :)

Designed with young at heart, cotton denim shirt is patched with chiffon floral details on shoulder and pockets. Comes with beautiful pearl buttons.


  1. Thanks for this read mate. Well, this is my first visit to your blog! But I admire the precious time and effort you put into it, especially into interesting articles you share here!

  2. sis yg ni ade lg?purchase online bole?

  3. ala......... denim shirt yang lain xde ke