Nov 29, 2012

Vintage Maxi Dress - Reiza III

Measurement (inches"):
XS: shoulder 13.5 | bust 32 | high waist 28 | hip 36 | length 56 | sleeve length 23 
S : shoulder 14 | bust 36 | high waist 30 | hip 50 | length 55 | sleeve length 23 
M : shoulder 14.5 | bust 38 | high waist 32 |  hip 54 | length 57 | sleeve length 24 
L : shoulder 16 | bust 40 | high waist 35 | hip 56 | length 57.5 | sleeve length 25.5
XL : shoulder 17 | bust 42 | high waist 37 | hip 60 | length 59.5 | sleeve length 25.5
XXL : shoulder 17.5 | bust 44 | high waist 38 | hip 62 | length 59 | sleeve length 25.5

Price: RM149
Free Delivery via Poslaju
International delivery please inquire. 

Label: EDZ

Material: 100% soft cotton. Full lining from lower bust to hem, so that you dont have to wear petticoat ;)

note: starting 13 August 2012, all maxi dresses with EDZ label are tailor-made with fine neat workmanship. 

3001 maroon 

A vintage inspired dress with modern touch.

We have improved the material quality for Reiza III. 
The new material is more heavy, voluminous, soft, yet still flows gorgeously. 

The skirt is generously wide so you can walk and take a big step confidently.
Model height is 167cm wearing 4 inches heels. The dress is suitable for tall girls as well.

Gorgeous large bow at the back. You may wear  hijab in same hues of bow color.

3002 purple

Large purple bow at the back.
Be modest and beautiful with Reiza III ;)

Now comes with concealed front zipper ;)
Round neck for a comfortable wear. 
Tailor made with fine workmanship.

Like if you love vintage maxi dress :)

Nov 23, 2012

Butterfly Print Bawal Hijab - Danisha

Measurement (inches"):
40.5 inches X 40.5 inches (square hijab)

Label: EDZ Hijab

Material:  High quality satin silk material. 

Price: RM69
Free Delivery via Poslaju throughout Malaysia.
International delivery please inquire.
2998 colorful

Satin silk material creates lovely shimmer in this feminine design of butterfly print bawal hijab.
Crafted with premium quality satin silk material which is less shiny, light, comfortable, soft, easy to iron and flows gorgeously.

The material can easily be shaped and worn with bawal style. 

It is the first hijab exclusively designed by EDZ Hijab label.
The EDZ Hijab label is a new in-house venture by EDZ focusing on producing various designs of hijab.

2999 green

3000 sweet pink 

closed-up on material.

Wear over Kate Exclusive Dress to any special occasions. Stunning! ;)

Butterfly Print Bawal Hijab is a perfect choice for modestly glamour wear ;)

Nov 14, 2012

Kate Exclusive Dress

Measurement (inches"):
XS : shoulder 14 | bust 32 | waist 28 | hip 36 | length 56 | sleeve length 23
S : shoulder 14.5 | bust 36 | waist 30 | hip 38 | length 56 | sleeve length 23
M : shoulder 15 | bust 38 | waist 32 | hip 40 | length 56 | sleeve length 23
L : shoulder 16 | bust 40 | waist 34 | hip 42 | length 57 | sleeve length 23
shoulder 16.5 | bust 42 | waist 36 | hip 44 | length 57 | sleeve length 23
XXL: shoulder 17 | bust 44 | waist 38 | hip 46 | length 58 | sleeve length 23

Label: EDZ

Material: Sleek silky material. Soft, smooth, neatly tailored. Non shiny and non see through. Superb comfortable material. Yet we still add satin lining at the bottom so you do not need to wear petticoat.

Price: RM279
Free Delivery via Poslaju

2992 Kate dusty pink

Walk gracefully in EDZ latest Kate Exclusive Dress with lithe movements of the sleek material which flows dramatically and super smooth. This full length dress will absolutely make the crowd envy. 

Kate Exclusive Dress is representative of EDZ neat craftsmanship for a flattering cut dress with its sense of effortless glamour.

Model is 167cm with 4 inches heels. This dress is suitable for tall ladies as well.

Featuring chic line of dummy buttons on the chest. Large cuff with three gorgeous buttons fastening. 
The detachable sash add softness to the feminine design of princess cut bodice.

Also, featuring concealed zip opening on the front from neckline to the first top button on chest, which is also suitable for breastfeeding mommies. We also add a concealed zipper to the side to allow you put the dress on easily. Round neckline. Full lining. Non see through material.

2993 Kate soft pink

2994 Kate soft peach

2995 Kate champagne

2996 Kate silver grey

2997 Kate mint green

View from side. 

Match with a pair of statement heels and oversized clutch, Kate Exclusive Dress is a perfect choice for bridesmaids or any special occasions ;)

This is absolutely an effortless glamour dress... must-haves for every wardrobe ;)

Nov 8, 2012

Curved Hem Long Shirt - Lila

Measurement (inches"):
S : shoulder 15 | bust 38 | waist 28 | hip 40 | length 33.5 | sleeve length 23
M : shoulder 16 | bust 40 | waist 31 | hip 42 | length 33.5 | sleeve length 23
L : shoulder 16.5 | bust 42 | waist 33 | hip 44 | length 33.5 | sleeve length 23
shoulder 17.5 | bust 44 | waist 34 | hip 46 | length 33.5 | sleeve length 23

notes: the measurement is quite big, so be careful on choosing your sizes. You may refer to shoulder and bust size, or call EDZ at +603-89123410 during working hours if you need help determining the size.

Label: EDZ

Material: Super soft and comfortable material for work wear. High quality.

Normal Price: RM129
After discount RM99. You save RM30

Free Delivery via Poslaju

2989 Dark Blue

An updated classic button-up shirt with new flattering slim-fitting iteration ;)
This new long shirt features mandarin collar, concealed button front placket, and curved hem.

Wear over jeans for smart casual look, or slack, or even maxi skirt for work.

2990 Blue

2991 Light Blue

Be elegant with beautiful curved hem.
The length is long enough to cover the hip.

Mandarin collar which is suitable for hijabista like you.
Plus, a little shirred on the shoulders and at the back near the label for a comfortable wear. 
Superb comfy with slim-fitting iteration.

Concealed button front placket.
Fine stripe on the material.

From left to right; 2989 dark blue, 2990 blue, 2991 light blue.
Three colors in blue shades.

A perfect look for work wear.
Model wearing Curved Hem Long Shirt - Lila with Maxi Skirt with Sash- Balqis

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Nov 1, 2012

Maxi Skirt with sash - Balqis

Measurement (inches"):
XS :  waist 24 up to 26 | hip 84 | length 40
S :  waist 26 up to 28 | hip 84 | length 40
M :
 waist 28 up to 32 | hip 84 | length 40
L : waist 29 up to 33 | hip 84 | length 40
XL : waist 31 up to 37 | hip 84 | length 40

Price: RM149 (skirt only)
Free Delivery via Poslaju 

Label: EDZ

Material: Georgette for the skirt and satin silk for the lining.

click on pictures to enlarge.

2986 black

A perfect look for work wear.

Cut to the floor high waist skirt to be matched with any shirt/top. 
The proportion of high waist skirt may help you look taller.

2987 blue
Tie the sash a bow or just let it loose. Detachable sash.
You may replace the sash with any belt you have in your collections.

2988 brown

Dramatic flow material. The skirt is generously wide, never wrap your legs.
Voluminous heavy material to create the dramatic flow effect.

Model wearing the skirt with EDZ Gathered Waist Butterfly Top-Amna.
Model height is 167cm with 4 inches heels.

Stretchable waist with elasticated banding on both sides.
Quality material which can lasts longer in your wardrobe.

Features concealed zipper closure to the hip. Full lining to the ankle length.

Beautiful vertical pleats nicely done. 
Could hide the tummy and any hump you might have ;)

Maxi skirts are staple item of every woman's wardrobe.. Like if you agree :)