Nov 23, 2012

Butterfly Print Bawal Hijab - Danisha

Measurement (inches"):
40.5 inches X 40.5 inches (square hijab)

Label: EDZ Hijab

Material:  High quality satin silk material. 

Price: RM69
Free Delivery via Poslaju throughout Malaysia.
International delivery please inquire.
2998 colorful

Satin silk material creates lovely shimmer in this feminine design of butterfly print bawal hijab.
Crafted with premium quality satin silk material which is less shiny, light, comfortable, soft, easy to iron and flows gorgeously.

The material can easily be shaped and worn with bawal style. 

It is the first hijab exclusively designed by EDZ Hijab label.
The EDZ Hijab label is a new in-house venture by EDZ focusing on producing various designs of hijab.

2999 green

3000 sweet pink 

closed-up on material.

Wear over Kate Exclusive Dress to any special occasions. Stunning! ;)

Butterfly Print Bawal Hijab is a perfect choice for modestly glamour wear ;)

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  1. Salam,

    Boleh saya tahu, 2998 colorful masih available ke?